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Maternal & child health services

We ensure that every pregnant woman has access to Antenatal care, safe facility delivery services, and in the event of an obstetric complication, life-saving emergency obstetric care including referral is provided. Any pregnant woman visiting our facility receives quality care throughout the pregnancy, basic nutrition education for pregnant and postnatal mothers. We have established a client tracking and follow-up system that helps us to schedule appointments with our clients and also conduct follow-ups

Our Services

Essential nutrition services

HCM promotes the practice of exclusive breast-feeding of infants for at least the first 6 months of life and provision of complementary feeding with continued breastfeeding for at least 24 months, We also carry on community growth monitoring and training in diet rich in protein and calories by selection and enrichment of local weaning diet, mass de-worming and community based nutrition rehabilitation for children with mild to moderate malnutrition and referral of children with severe malnutrition and/or with complications to therapeutic feeding centers.

Our Services

Promoting sexual & reproductive health for adolescents

Everyone, including adolescents has the right to access information and services that they need to take care of their bodies. Adolescent girls and boys of age need special attention, sexual and reproductive health information and services that meet their needs. HCM has improved access to sexual and reproductive health information and services to adolescents and youths aged 10-24yrs. We partner with primary & secondary schools within Amolatar District to reach students with these information & services and also build the capacity of teachers to ensure that they advocate for SRHR services

Our Services

Menstrual hygiene management

HCM empowers school going and non school going girls with knowledge & life skills to understand menstruation and its associated issues through awareness focus group discussions and community health education of adolescent girls and young women. We also advocate for gender responsive facilities and infrastructure for effective management of menstruation in schools.

Our Services

Health education and community outreach

HCM health education and community outreach is aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles, educating and improving the overall health of community members. We get acquainted with the needs of each community and show a genuine interest in their needs and then we develop friendship and look for means and ways to help by bringing services directly to them. We conduct health screenings which promote early detection of medical problems and promotes healthy lifestyles. Screening services covered under this program do not require a clinician’s request and are encouraged only as an individual’s personal barometer of health indicators, (not to replace standard medical appointments). Examples include screenings for cholesterol, glucose, lipid profiles, cervical cancer, Hypertension, body mass index and strength measurements, HIV/AIDS, TB symptom screening, etc. These can be held in churches, schools, markets and other community locations. Our health education series is intended to promote better living, healthy life styles and disease prevention with topics such as diabetes, physical exercise, nutrition and weight control, smoking cessation, alcohol cessation, AIDS and other STDs, prostate health and other challenges of medical concern affecting our communities.

Our Services

Intergrated HIV/AIDS and TB services

TB can thrive in people whose immune systems have been weakened by HIV, and HIV can replicate faster in people who are ill with TB. While TB is a curable disease and HIV is treatable, people who are co-infected with TB/HIV face a higher risk of severe illness and death as a result of the interaction between the two diseases. The burden TB as a disease causes is much felt on the poor and vulnerable people with fewest resources to cope with it. HCM integrated HIV and TB services in home-based care programme for people living with HIV through performing community-based TB care such as TB symptom screening, referral for laboratory diagnosis and or treatment support for members of those households. In partnership with our sponsors and stake holders we provide facility based and community based mobile HIV/AIDS health education, prevention services and VCT testing services that is free of charge from HIV/AIDS pre- test counselling, entry into testing, results analysis and post – test counselling, follow on access to treatment, monitoring, support for adherence to treatment regimens and elimination of mother to child transmission (EMTCT) services. To persons living with HIV/AIDS and TB we increase access to information and adequate nutrition, treatment (ARV and opportunistic infections), home based care including psycho-social support, good sanitation and food hygiene, secure shelter that does not expose them to exploitation or danger and protection of their basic human rights.

Our Services

Out-patients’ and In-patients’ department services

We offer subsidized comprehensive and quality facility patient-centered out patients’ and inpatients’ services to our clients with admissions being free of charge. Our professional team of clinicians and nurses serve with love and act with integrity as they provide these services.

Our Services

Laboratory Services

Our laboratory is well equipped with adequate and well maintained equipments for a variety of tests that aid diagnosis of the different ailments. You can access Hematology, Biochemistry, Bacteriology, parasitology, immunology and serological tests.

Our Services

Ultrasound scan services

Using our latest model of Siemens Sonoline G50 ultrasound system we are able to perform obstetrical, gynecological, abdominal, urology, breast, scrotal, prostate and musculoskeletal scan

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HCM Health centre is located on Ebong Willy road, Inomo cell, Inomo ward, Amolatar town council, Amolatar district, Northern Uganda.

HCM is the most dependable CBO offering healthcare services in Amolatar district.



Ebong Willy road, Inomo cell, Inomo ward, Amolatar town council, Amolatar district, Northern Uganda


As HOPE CHARITY MEDICARE our main focus  and mandate is to reach and  deliver the essential and much needed medical services to these vulnerable people in hard to reach areas  in the  16 sub counties

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