More than 200 encamped flood victims without a health unit suffer from malaria, diarrhoea and other diseases in Amolatar district

More than 200 flood victims encamped in Awigweng central camp, Okiji Parish, Akwon Sub County in Amolatar district are in dire need of assistance as they suffer from malaria and diarrhea. This is due to the rising water level in Lake Kwania leading to flooding which has inundated large areas of Okiji parish displacing people from many villages resulting into real humanitarian challenges ranging from destruction of properties, diseases, famine, socio-economic breakdown, and poor settlement pattern among others.

The team from Hope charity medicare on the 6, Oct 2021 paid a fact finding visit to get acquainted with the situation of people in the camp and found out that the camp which is currently hosting over 200 flood victims has got only one toilet facility, one bore hole, no health unit even in the whole Sub county of Akwon with the encamped community complaining of high prevalence of malaria and diarrhea among others.

When you reach in Awigweng central camp you will clearly see it surrounded by Swampy stagnant water, poor settlement pattern, bushy environment, no social distancing and unhealthy life styles among the encamped community which are the predisposing factors leading to high prevalence of malaria, diarrhea and greater risk of encamped community members contracting diseases such as TB, COVID-19, HIV/AIDS and STDS among others These findings prompted the organization to organize and carry out immediate weekly focused community outreach and health education to be conducted every Sundays for three months with review starting from 10th .10.2021

The team from HCM interacts with Camp leaders, Village health team member and the
Local council one chairperson Awigweng central village

Men at the camp drinking a locally brewed millet flour “Kongo ting’’ without observing social distance
and sharing of the drinking straw.   High risk factor for COVID-19 and TB infection

Team from HCM, Camp leaders, Village Health Team member and the
Local Council one Awigweng central village
touring the settlement pattern and camp hygiene

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HCM Health centre is located on Ebong Willy road, Inomo cell, Inomo ward, Amolatar town council, Amolatar district, Northern Uganda.

HCM is the most dependable CBO offering healthcare services in Amolatar district.



Ebong Willy road, Inomo cell, Inomo ward, Amolatar town council, Amolatar district, Northern Uganda


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